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We, Gillar, a professional game publisher consisting of hundreds of employees. We are constantly working to bring the best games to players. This is a full-time game distribution company that located in Hong Kong. Most of the team members have participated in the marketing of tens of millions of user-level games. We are also committed to providing top professional game services to the world's excellent game developers.


Large Number Of Players

We have numerous registered players, and being our partner means the approach to the best players of your game!

Efficient Promotion

We provide the most effective and efficient game promotion strategy, with professional optimization suggestions, making your game a popular product around the world!

Maximization Of Income

We know how to optimize games and maximize earnings, we provide larger share of profits than others! Which is the key to our competitiveness.

Big Data Analysis

Our Professional team regularly provides up-to-date market analysis report that helps you know the current global game market.


We hope introducing the best games to global players. And are also dedicated to providing the most professional service to developers.

You will also share such an advantage immediately.

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